Sunday, March 23, 2014

Organization of Va Homeschoolers Conference March 21-22

STEC participated in the Va Homeschoolers 2014 Conference and Resource Fair, March 21-22  where we provided lots of sensory experiences with plants, insects, shells, rocks, 
magnifiers and microscopes.

Getting a magnified view of an insect

Checking out the stereoscope

Enjoying a "Patent leather" or "Jerusalem" beetle (Odontotaenius disjunctus)

Admiring shells through magnification

STEC also hosted a conference-wide spaghetti bridge 
building challenge and presented two lectures:

"Developing and Implementing a Curriculum Web" and 
"Sensational Science on a Shoestring"

STEC wrapped up the second day with a slime-making activity for about 40 youth participants.  
See additional posts for photos of each event.  
What a great conference!!

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