Sunday, June 29, 2014

Brilliant Science at Brilliant Summer with STEC!!

Science is taking off with STEC at St. Catherine's Brilliant Summer! Cool Chemistry, Backyard Zoology, Advanced Zoology and Physics/Engineering are HAPPENING----offering kids (aged 7-15)  unique, hands-on summer learning experiences!  Thank you St. Catherine's Brilliant Summer for including STEC this year!

Cool Chemistry - Looking for Crystals in Nature

Second and third graders investigate soil samples searching for microscopic views of crystals

Cool Chemistry - Growing Crystals
Student grown crystals, second & third grade.

Research & Design - Engineering/Physics
Students in engineering/physics are designing and building kinetic art
(artistic moveable structures). Check back soon to see some of our final products!

Researching the design of a strand beast

Team Building - Engineering/Physics
Fourth - sixth graders constructing a wave pendulum

Fourth - sixth graders constructing a hover craft 

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